About EwB

Enterprise without Borders (EwB) is and extension to JA Company Program - EwB teaches  the value and importance of international trade and the practical skills necessary to do business across borders. Each Enterprise without Borders site forms a business entity and negotiates a partnership agreement with one or more other sites in other countries, s tudent companies registered under individual sites create joint-ventures with other students companies abroad. A website is available to help the “matching“ between student companies interested in a joint venture or an import-export business. Students from different countries will register and post their offer to participate in the programme and supply information for a “marketplace” where products are on display and research on trading can occur. The programme encourages twinning between schools and teachers.

  • Age group 15-18
  • Learning-by-doing
  • Students learn international trade,
  • Company operations and work with students from other European nations
  • Students exchanges
  • Volunteers from business community
IMPACT after 9 years
  • 46 countries
  • 58,000+ students
  • 4,500 + mini- companies
  • 7,350+ joint-ventures
  • 1,800 business volunteers
  • 2,800 teachers


  • www.jaewb.org
  • E-Twinning for schools and educators
  • Online mentoring by volunteers from the business communities
  • Collaboration among educators and JA staffs


Analyzing and applying information • Calculating productivity • Comparing • Converting currencies • Critical thinking • Decision making • Drawing conclusions • Formulating an argument • Giving reports • Graphing • Interpreting data • Interviewing • Mathematical interpretation and computation • Negotiating • Presentation • Reading financial statements • Research • Situational analysis • Science • Teamwork • Technology 



Flexible implementation option 

  • Enterprise without Borders® program is an international extension to the Company Program
  • Can be run together with your Company Program  in the same year/semester or can be run the following year as a separate next level of the Company Programme
All study materials and guides for students, teachers, business volunteers/consultants are available on-line as well as access to the E-mentoring tool and social media (webinars, on-line presentations, EwB café with the best companies etc.) 
New EwB Platform www.jaewb.org
  • Open for all JA countries now
  • New EwB Platform  works with EwB sites  now – enables registration  of the EwB sites by JA Staff, teachers /schools and linking them with other sites available 
  • Social media involved , interactive map, E-mentoring tool for students/teachers/volunteers and many others. 
What are the steps?
  1. Register the EwB Site  An EwB Site is the main element of the EwB programme. It refers to the location where the EwB student companies will take place.  For example, one EwB Site could plan to have more than one student company (such as a school).  
  2. Select your partner site from one of the other EwB Sites available. The calls for registration and partnerships  will be launched twice during the academic year that all participating countries can participate due to different academic year schedule
  3. Register teacher and student company under individual EwB site:
  4. Register your EwB Joint Venture Companies by creating your JV profile.  Students can also communicate with other EwB companies or approach additional EwB Sites for more partnership opportunities.  

JA Coordinators  
Each JA organisation wanting to participate in this programme needs to have an area coordinator.
  • The JA coordinator has “administrator access” to the EwB platform and is responsible for assisting participating teachers/volunteers/students and approving their EwB Site registrations.  
  • The JA coordinator helps to partner their EwB Sites with other EwB Sites in other areas by communicating with other coordinators.
  • The JA coordinator is responsible for supporting the EwB Sites (teachers, volunteers, JA staff and EwB companies) as they move through their EwB experience, answering any questions and troubleshooting. 
  • The JA coordinator must participate in an online training session (1.5 hours
  • Throughout the program, the JA coordinator has “live” access to help and support from the main EwB Coordinator and there is a special internal section on EwB Platform for JA coordinators with relevant materials and information. 
EwB Teachers 
  • Teachers are often the “driving engine“ for partnering EwB Sites and connecting their students with their peers at the other EwB Site. With the support of their area coordinator they can register an EwB Site and support students to create their EwB Company Profile.
  • Teachers have their own personal accounts linked to their EwB Site and EwB Companies.


Business Volunteers
  • Business volunteers serve as coaches and mentors to EwB Companies. Obviously, a JA Company Program volunteer can also be an EwB Company volunteer.  
  • The difference between being a Company Program volunteer and an EwB Company volunteer is that the students need more coaching in the cooperation with their peers at the other EwB Site. This can relate to their shyness about communicating across borders, possibly in a foreign language, or technical issues as they sort out import-export of products, financial issues etc.
  • EwB Company volunteers can coach their students online using the EwB E-Mentoring tool. This makes it possible for volunteers to be located at a distance—maybe even another country!—and still be able to volunteer
EwB Student Company
  • The EwB Company is a joint-venture of at least 2 student companies. The first task for two partnered EwB Sites is for the students to create an EwB joint venture Company.  Each EwB joint venture company creates its profile on the EwB platform which includes a description of its joint activity, products, services… 
  • The EwB Company can also create additional joint-venture partnerships with other EwB companies in EwB network.
  • Through the EwB Platform, students can access a variety of online tools for their EwB activities (on-line study materials, E-mentoring tool, social media, internal communicator, registration for events) and collect points for their online activities 

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