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How to register on EwB?

Would you like to be a part of EwB network? Do you want to collaborate with other student companies worldwide?

Please find below instructions and steps , how to register on EwB platform.

1.  An EwB Site is now the main element of the EwB programme.
EwB Site  refers to the location where the EwB student companies will take place.  For example, one EwB Site could plan to have more than one student company (such as a school).  
  • An EwB Site can be registered by a school teacher, JA volunteer or JA staff person 
  • An EwB Site has its own profile providing information about location, country, language, general information and requirements for partnerships with other EwB Sites 
Before you register as a teacher on EwB Platform - please check if your EwB Site has already been registered. If not, please register your school as EwB Site.

2.  Once the EwB Site (school) is registered, you can register yourselves as a teacher 

3.  Student companies can register and create their profile and product service after these 2 steps



If you have any questions, please contact us at ewb@ja-ye.org

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