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The global economy needs collaboration skills

Brussels, July 25th, 2014: A team from Romania and their partners from Germany took home the Enterprise without Borders TMF Group Award this year for their innovative idea of promoting local production while preserving traditional craftsmanship.

Teamwork and hard work was the reason we succeeded in creating “One’s souvenir of Bison Land” company. It was a unique experience getting to know people from different countries, and contacting a number of companies before deciding to build a partnership,” Ţepuc Ana, Student at Colegiul Naţional de Informaticã, Piatra Neamţ, Romania.

"Bison's Land" works in partnership with the Small Crafters Club, the Association for Support of People with Special Needs Neamt, Natural Park and the Middle School "Archimandrite Chiriac Nicolau" Vanatori Neamt. Sales will be made within the Natural Park Vanatori, Neamt, tapping on the potential of 2,000,000 tourists annually who visit the natural park Vanatori.

Our decision to award Souvenirs of Bison Land is because they showed a more scalable business with a unique value proposition, including the key component of working collaboratively across borders. They understood not only where their product fitted into the local market, but they demonstrated an understanding of the market outside of Romania and how they could break into this,” Kerry Botha, Bid and Sales Support Team Manager, EMEA, TMF Group.

The award is part of Enterprise without Borders® (EwB), an educational programme developed by Junior Achievement for students age 15 to 18, which gives them the opportunity to create international partnerships as part of their JA experience.

“We see often employers stating that the lack of skills is causing them "major business problems". Against this backdrop, our programmes help students build essential skills which are vital when starting their professional lives. Our partnership with TMF is key to bring the real world of work inside the classrooms,” said Caroline Jenner, CEO JA-YE Europe.

The collaboration between TMF Group and JA-YE Europe supports the Enterprise without Borders programme in its aim to teach the value and importance of international trade and the practical skills necessary to do business across borders. TMF Group volunteers mentor the students during the process of establishing their companies, building international partnerships and growing their businesses across borders. Additional part of the project are 1-2 hour master classes designed to bring student companies face-to-face with role models from TMF Group —giving them a chance to learn about each other’s experiences, ask questions and get inspired. During this activity students have the opportunity to hear and discuss practical aspects connected to establishing their business, international trade and outsourcing. The visit at the local TMF Group offices gives students a feeling of the real business atmosphere. 

Additionally TMF Group gives an award to the best EwB mini-company, rewarding cross-country collaboration. The winner must have proven excellent understanding of international trade and other cultures, and presented how they utilized it in their international collaboration with other mini-companies within the EwB network.

In EWB student participants from 40 countries learn about being entrepreneurial in an international context, getting to know each other and each other’s markets; and have the opportunity to take good business ideas to the next level.


For more information, visit www.ja-ye.org and www.jaewb.org


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