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CBEwB - Central Baltic Student Enterprises without Borders

The objective of the CBEwB project is to have more entrepreneurial youth in the Central Baltic region. Until now the focus has been on local entrepreneurship education and it has been a challenge to support international activities. In the CBEwB project students take initiative in creating international student companies with students from other Central Baltic countries. Students meet, develop ideas, create and manage their companies and sell products together.

The project starts with a kick-off conference in Tallinn where students get acquainted, find a common business idea and create the first EwB’s. The student company partners work closely together and develop their ideas further in Finland in innovation camp and visit trade fairs to sell their products in all participating countries. The companies are closed down in a year followed by an analysis of the used methods and their outcomes, leading to further developing the model. The project activities include training also for teachers and business mentors in Sweden and final conference where the best CBEwBs are presented in Latvia.  

During the three-year project at least 50 international student companies are created. Altogether this will result in better teachers and more young people with CB networks and competence in international business. At least 400 students, 80 teachers and 50 mentors participate in the project.
Lead partner:
Junior Achievement Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia

Project partners:
Junior Achievement-Young Enterprise Latvia, Riga, Latvia
Junior Achievement Finland, Helsinki, Finland
Junior Achievement Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden

Project is financed by Interreg Central Baltic programme.

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