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BHAK Linz International Business School

Address: Rudigierstraße 6, Linz, Austria

Website: www.hak-linz.at

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LinzBusinessSchool/

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish

Timezone: GMT 0

School Year: September - June


BHAK Linz International Business School is a secondary vocantional high school in Austria focused on commercial subjects. Our students are from 15 - 19 years old but there is also a night course for adults preparing for school leaving exams. 

Topics of school leaving exams at the univeristy entrance level are Mathematics, German, English, a Second foreign language, Accountig and Business Administration plus an optional subject. 

Students study English and Russian or French obligatoriy. Some of them also learn Spanish in combination with International Trade and Commerce. Last year we started with an optional course in Chinese.

We have a lot of international experience as we have been coordinating Comenius and Erasmus+ projects since 2005.





Call for partnership

We are interested in partnerships with European and Chinese speaking countries focused on three branches: Junior company coorporation, coorporation in Erasmus+ (including  eTwinning and vocational training in companies) and free coorporation with countries in Asia.

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