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EPA Hauts de France

Address: 7place Lisfranc, Marcq-en-Baroeul, France

Website: www.epa-hautsdefrance.fr

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Entreprendre.pour.Apprendre.HdF/

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Timezone: GMT 1

School Year: September-June


The aim of EPA Hauts-de-France is to promote and develop entrepreneurship spirit among young people in Hauts-de-France, Northern France through junior company (minicompany) program.

Somos EPA Hauts-de-France, asociación miembro de JA Europe para desarrollar el espíritu emprendedor mediante la miniempresa.


Call for partnership


We are looking for teachers interested by make students exchanges around junior company. The aim is to establish relationship between some of our French mini-companies and some of your mini-companies in order to exchange about their own project and consider a potential sale of each products and visit each country. If you are interested by this kind of project and this international dimension, please contact us !!


¡ Hola !

Profesores franceses quieren que entren en contacto con profesores españoles que hacen mini empresa con sus alumnos. La ambición es de hacer intercambios sobre el tema de la mini-empresa, comercializar los productos de los otros y visitar nos países respectivos. 

¡ Póngase en contacte con nosotros! muchas gracias

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