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Jesús-Maria Sant Gervasi

Address: Passeig Sant Gervasi 15, Barcelona, Spain

Website: www.jmsanger.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jesusmariasantgervasi

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Timezone: GMT 1

School Year: September-June


Jesus-Maria School is an educational institution, founded in 1819 in Lyon, France.

Our school is imparting child education (3-5 years), primary education (6-12 years) secondary education (13-16) and high school (17-18). Currently our Sant Gervasi school has over 1000 students and 85 teachers. The goal of our school is to provide students a rigorous scientific and humanistic education, always promoting ethical and environment concerned values.

We firmly believe that entrepreneurial education is very imporant to our students in order to develope the necessary skills that our global world requires. Since 2O13 we participate in Junior Achievement programs with our 16-17 year old students. Since then four of our teams have won second and third place in the national spanish competition, and 10 teams have been finalists in the regional competition.

This year we have 12 companies participating in the program.


Call for partnership

For us it would be the first time participating in the program, and up to know we don't know the different possibilities to participate.

We would love to contact with different "companies" in other countries in order to interchange, share and complete deas, run market studies and wide our horizons.


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