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Haganässkolan Älmhult

Address: Östra Esplanaden, Älmhult, Sweden

Website: www.haganasgymnasiet.se

Facebook: www.facebook.com/haganasskolan/?fref=ts

Languages: English

Timezone: GMT 1

School Year: September - June

Haganässkolan Älmhult


Älmhult and Haganässkolan is located in the south of Småland, Sweden’s entrepreneurial region. Älmhult is well known as the home of IKEA and it´s founder Ingvar Kamprad and has a  long history of entrepreneurship.

Our school has  roughly 1000 students from different programs.


Call for partnership

We are in the start-up of our international journey and are looking for a partnership 2018.

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