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Sunnerbogymnasiet EWB

Address: Axel Roothsgatan 13, Ljungby, Sweden

Website: www.sunnerbogymnasiet.se

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Sunnerbogymnasiet/?fb_dtsg_ag=Adxf6BdruyitQgEBVecA3O83VwbnFhgWpw7YhAIdcXEx1A%3AAdy2Qoy_PaCL16hPAM3uXh9TznrKHM0nEjL4HJx9q7YrGA

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Timezone: GMT 1

School Year: augusti- Juni


School located in Ljungby Sweden. I'm a vocational teacher working in the department of Administration, service and Economics.


Call for partnership

Two of my students who are currently selling a product (handbag) are looking for a partnership. The students would love to receive inputs concerning their products but also sell it abroad.

More information will be uploaded soon! Looking forward to this great experience!

If you're interested please contact me!



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